May Update

Young Leaders Weekend

I invited a group of young leaders for a weekend away - it was incredibly inspiring hearing where they’re at and what they see for the future of the church; it’s something I’d love to do more of.

'Stepping Up' Teaching Conference

YouthVids Launched


Finding great videos for youth work can be hard! It’s a fact, over 80% of youth leaders we surveyed said it took them several hours to find relevant, good quality videos with sound teaching content from the millions that are available online.

That’s why at the start of the year we ran a kickstarter campaign to fund a new project called, its aim was simple…

A completely free to use website of carefully curated videos to help youth discover Jesus… and in turn providing youth leaders with a hub for great resources.

At the end of April we launched the site and so far we’ve had some wonderful feedback, hundreds of users and some exciting talks with organisations who want to get involved in supporting the project.

Head over to the site and have a look for yourselves.

Video of the Month