May Update

Young Leaders Weekend

I invited a group of young leaders for a weekend away - it was incredibly inspiring hearing where they’re at and what they see for the future of the church; it’s something I’d love to do more of.

'Stepping Up' Teaching Conference

YouthVids Launched


Finding great videos for youth work can be hard! It’s a fact, over 80% of youth leaders we surveyed said it took them several hours to find relevant, good quality videos with sound teaching content from the millions that are available online.

That’s why at the start of the year we ran a kickstarter campaign to fund a new project called, its aim was simple…

A completely free to use website of carefully curated videos to help youth discover Jesus… and in turn providing youth leaders with a hub for great resources.

At the end of April we launched the site and so far we’ve had some wonderful feedback, hundreds of users and some exciting talks with organisations who want to get involved in supporting the project.

Head over to the site and have a look for yourselves.

Video of the Month

August Newsletter

Here's a few things that happened during August which we hope will provide insight into what we've been doing at Charis Communications and how your partnership is helping!

There is also a few things coming up in September too.

Leaders in Nigeria

If you read last month's newsletter you'll remember we asked if you would join us to pray for a group of leaders who were meeting in Lagos, Nigeria.

On 31st August 2017, these church leaders came together for their second Ministers' Fellowship event, encouraging each other and spending time seeking God as one body. The Charis media team filmed a teaching video to be used during the meeting, with Hugh sharing a word from Matthew 5 about being salt and light. This was a real source of encouragement and Biblical wisdom that they could feed from.

We were blessed to receive some photographs (below) of the leaders in Nigeria meeting together, reminding us of the joy of serving our brothers and sisters in Christ, whether that be locally or oversees.

Saturday Teaching Conference

SATURDAY 30 SEPT 2017, 10am-6pm
Cornerstone Christian Centre
21A The Mall, Bromley, BR1 1TR

Join us for this exciting one day, four-part teaching series delivered by Hugh. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity and the fellowship and networking possibilities over the included lunch.

Are you planning to attend?

With new space comes fresh opportunities...

The latest happenings at the Charis office

If you had visited the Charis Communications office in August you would have been greeted by the smell of paint and the sound of walls being prepared and painted, furniture being moved, books stacked and various other refurbishment related activities.

As we now have possession of the entire top floor at St. Paul’s House, Hugh and the team decided that the facility needed a thorough freshening up. So, the team, undaunted as usual, has pressed on through pungent paint smells and the inconvenience of work stations being moved or becoming dumping grounds for evicted files, boxes and assorted paperwork.

(Yes, that is Hugh moving boxes around... we couldn't stop him!)

A major part of the decorating project, undertaken in faith, has been the thorough refurbishment of and preparation for the re-equipping of our video equipment to give us a new studio space. As mentioned in the Prayer Points, this marks a vital step forward in fulfilling the vision of developing effective leaders and increasing biblical literacy, both in the U.K. and internationally.

⭐ Hugh's Highlights ⭐

It has been my practice for most of my years in ministry to set aside the summer to accept invitations to conferences, seminars and celebrations.  

At the beginning of the summer I was invited as the guest speaker at the launch of the ‘Women in Ministry Fellowship’. Before I spoke I had the joy of listening to many of the delegates sharing their hopes and expectations for the future of the Fellowship. I then shared from Romans 16 the exhortation from Paul that secured Pheobe’s acceptance.

A conference in Northern Ireland was next with the theme ‘Overcoming in Christ’. This event brought together three local churches plus delegates from France and Israel. I taught four sessions entitled: ‘Demanding Partnerships’, ‘Persistent Problems’, ‘Pastoral Responsibilities’ and ‘Purposelessness’.

A family conference in Shropshire had its 20th anniversary followed and it was great to be with them as they celebrated this milestone.


I then got to do some open-air preaching at a ‘Songs of Praise’ event held by local churches in Shoreham, Sussex.

I always love the unique challenge and opportunity of preaching outside the familiar setting of a church building.

Thank you once again for your support over the last month
in prayer and through the gifts you have given.

Prayer Points

1.   Hugh will be travelling to the U.S. state of Minnesota (September 6th – 12th) to deliver a series of seminars at a conference in the city of Minneapolis.

2.   Our ‘LIFE TO THE FULL’ teaching conference scheduled to take place at Cornerstone in Bromley on 30th September.

3.   Charis Communications has submitted grant applications for the financing of new video equipment, giving us an on-site studio. This is a vital step forward in our aim to help developing effective leaders and increase biblical literacy.

If we are successful it will mean we can quickly set up and film high-quality teaching from Hugh and distribute it for free online!

Welcome to...

...our first ever partners' newsletter!

I'm sure many of you will be aware that the Greek word ‘charis’ means grace, the gift that we aim to consistently communicate.

Each month we want to provide an insight into what we've been doing at Charis Communications and how your partnership is helping!

How and why did Charis Communications come into being?

For this first newsletter we thought we'd take a quick look back at the beginning of Charis.

Hugh was serving as the senior minister at Cornerstone Christian Centre in Bromley which he planted in 1991. During that time he had undertaken the challenge of increasing Biblical literacy, raising effective leaders and supporting Kingdom initiatives beyond his own congregation through the CiC Ministers’ Fellowships and other projects.

Five years before the birth of Charis in 2007, Hugh saw the increasing need in the wider community to pursue even more vigorously the very same three-fold task of increasing Biblical Literacy, raising effective leaders and supporting Kingdom initiatives.

Since then Charis Communications, along with Hugh’s Bible teaching ministry, has developed and grown in influence and respect as a charity both at home and abroad through its effective promotion of Kingdom principles.  

As you have read of the origins of Charis, we would like to thank you for your invaluable contribution as a partner in making this possible.

Saturday Teaching Conference

SATURDAY 30 SEPT 2017, 10am-6pm
Cornerstone Christian Centre
21A The Mall, Bromley, BR1 1TR

Join us for this exciting one day, four-part teaching series delivered by Hugh. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity and the fellowship and networking possibilities over the included lunch.

Meet the Team

Here's a little introduction to Hugh and his Charis Communications team

From left to right...

Jacob operates as general assistant to Daniel with media projects and the team ‘barista, meeting the refreshment needs. In addition, Jacob manages the social media function of the ministry with special responsibility for website liaison with various entities.  He is a keen photographer using actual film, musician, Francophile and the team’s only eligible bachelor. 

Daniel has been part of the Charis team since 2007 and is the Head of Communications and the longsuffering I.T./design/ typesetting/advisor/media specialist and solver of computer operation issues, his very stare is said to cause errant equipment to function properly. He is a musician, photographer, Arsenal supporter and occasional golfer. Daniel is married to Sarah and they have four children.

Cheryl is Hugh’s tireless and resourceful P.A. managing his diary, extensive local and international correspondence and itinerary. She ensures that the office remains clean and clutter-free. Cheryl is married to Dave and they have a son. Cheryl is our resident chocolate connoisseur.

Trevor is an Executive Director of Charis and co-founder, functioning as consultant in the areas of education, interfaith issues and ecumenicalism. Trevor critiques Hugh’s prodigious production of papers on issues concerning theology, social and political interaction. He is a proud member of the Harley-Davidson family. Trevor is a linguist, specialist in inter-faith relations and an accomplished communicator and leader. Trevor is married to Tamzin and they have two sons.

Paul functions as Communications Co-ordinator and is the newest member of the team. He is married to Heather. Paul calls himself an “amateur guitarist” gamely pursuing Grade 8 before turning forty. He enjoys racquet sports, exercise and healthy eating. Both Paul and Heather are passionate about local church planting and development.

Adrian is the Academic Co-ordinator overseeing the M.Div. programme while working with Hugh on academic papers the development of the School of Biblical Studies curricula and other projects. A biker and keen Liverpool fan, Adrian is married to (read ‘managed by’) Lyn. They have two daughters, a grandson with another one on the way.

Dorothy (not photographed) volunteers as the Charis bookkeeper and has an eagle eye for detail and the goal of consistent excellence. She is married to Geoff and they have two sons and three grandchildren. Dorothy is a keen videographer in her spare time. 

⭐Hugh's highlight ⭐

July offered no let-up in Hugh’s hectic schedule, but it did provide some highlights, including the Salvation Army Commissioning Service conducted at the Westminster Central Hall on Saturday 8th July. That event provided Hugh with a welcome change of pace and an opportunity to reflect upon the commissioning of his paternal grandparents one hundred-years ago.

Prayer Points

1.   Hugh will be speaking at two summer events in Northern Ireland and then Wales. 

2.   As a part of our vision of developing effective leaders, Hugh produces a regular teaching video that is shared at a monthly gathering of young, dynamic leaders in Lagos, Nigeria. Please pray for them and their developing ministries.

3.   On Sunday 20th August, Hugh will be ministering at the Sussex Songs of Praise for local churches.